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At Type At Home .com, we understand your need to secure a solid income. With over 17 years of active business service, we have contracted thousands of job assignments for our home typists and are consistently seeking additional home typists for large and small assignments.  At Type At Home, we pay by the assignment and not by the hour.  Part time assignments pay up to $45 per assignment, full time assignments pay up to $75 per assignment and Business Owners assignments pay up to $175 per assignment.

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Type At Home.com is continually growing Internationally and locally, while developing a successful network of home typists. We've recently upgraded our members section with professional video training and step by step instructions.  After completing our basic video training course you may begin to follow our type at home process.

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So How Does Home Typing Work?

We secure typing assignment from various companies including DPC's or Daily Profit Companies. These companies secure hundreds of online assignments from affiliates of large name companies such as Home Depot, NetFlix, Walmart, Blockbuster, Lowes, AT&T, Cox Cable, etc.  We train our home typist to complete multiple tasks.  This enables our home typist to receive an endless supply of assignments to complete. Initially you will start off with a training assignment to get a feel for our assignments.  Once you complete the training assignment, you will receive payment and access to your jobs.  Your training assignment is very detailed and can usually be completed within 1-2 hours.

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A Global Home Typist Company

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